Acosta Announces Leadership Changes to Accelerate Growth of CORE Foodservice


Jacksonville, Fla. (May 2, 2022) — Today Acosta announced leadership changes for its CORE Foodservice division, elevating John Goodman from Chief Executive Officer to Executive Chairman and Travis King from Chief Operating Officer to President effective June 1. The changes will allow the organization, an agency created by Acosta and The CORE Group focused on providing solutions for the foodservice industry’s new operating environment, to accelerate its growth and strengthen its position.

Goodman is an experienced leader with more than 50 years in the foodservice industry, most recently as CEO and President of CORE Foodservice since its creation in 2021 and Chairman and CEO of The CORE Group prior to that. In his new role, Goodman will transition from CEO to Executive Chairman of CORE Foodservice and adviser to Brian Wynne, CEO of Acosta, and Board of Directors. 

“This move is reflective of Goodman’s visionary leadership to create a dominant foodservice organization and establish an integrated platform for clients,” said Brian Wynne, CEO of Acosta.  “John is a remarkable industry strategist who brings passion and courage to his team. He exceeded all expectations in bringing together two prominent foodservice companies and leading a combined team through the changing conditions of a pandemic. I look forward to his ongoing contributions.” 

King brings decades of foodservice industry experience, most recently as COO of CORE Foodservice – a position he held at The CORE Group since 2009 before it unified with Acosta. In his new role within the organization, King will succeed Goodman as President of CORE Foodservice and join Acosta’s Executive Leadership Team. The appointment underscores King’s dedication to the Company and his commitment to develop its vision and culture alongside Goodman. 

“Travis was an instrumental leader in integrating the Acosta and The CORE Group teams into one cohesive unit to create the industry’s most progressive foodservice agency,” said Wynne. “He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be essential as we look to expand CORE Foodservice and accelerate its growth on a national scale.” 

Since The CORE Group and Acosta united to form CORE Foodservice, the new foodservice agency has become a progressive and strategic organization that meets the needs of clients within this space. The organization has achieved momentum over the last year and both leadership changes are a strategic move to build upon the momentum and create a forward-thinking approach to helping clients thrive.  

About Acosta 

Acosta is an integrated sales and marketing services provider that enables consumer packaged goods brands and retailers to win in the modern marketplace by delivering progressive solutions and exceptional service. With more than 90 years of experience, Acosta understands evolving consumer needs and helps its clients and customers stay a step ahead, fueling their accelerated performance.

About CORE Foodservice

CORE Foodservice is a re-imagined, best-in-class North American agency focused on providing solutions for the foodservice industry’s new operating environment. The uniting of Acosta, a global integrated sales and marketing services company, and The CORE Group, one of the most progressive foodservice sales agencies, brings together industry-leading capabilities from both Acosta and The CORE Group, creating a strategically resourced organization designed to meet the requirements of new customer behaviors and expectations. For more information, please visit