FEATURED: Acosta Research Explores the Future of Grocery Shopping

Hot Topic Report from Leading CPG Sales & Marketing Agency Highlights Megatrends in Grocery
August 17, 2016 // Posted in 124

Megatrends in the industry are catapulting the supermarket as we know it into the future, as illuminated in The Revolution of Grocery Shopping.


Acosta Unveils 2016 Grilling Insights in Honor of National Grilling Month

Research Shows 61 Percent of Grillers Tailgate for Sporting Events
July 14, 2016 // Posted in 124

Infographic demonstrates 2016 research about the grilling habits and preferences of U.S. shoppers


U.S. Hispanic Shopper Study The Why? Behind The Buy 5th Edition

Hispanic Consumers Lead in Grocery Shopping Enjoyment
June 23, 2016 // Posted in 124

Examine why highly experiential Hispanic shoppers are the driving force behind grocery sales growth.


A Profile of the U.S. Hispanic Shopper

Infographic explores The Why? Behind The Buy Hispanic research
June 22, 2016 // Posted in 124

Download a one-page snapshot of today's Hispanic consumer.