Trax partners with Acosta to increase U.S. footprint and enhance shelf digitization


Following the recent launch of Shelf Intelligence Suite — a new joint offering from Trax and Nielsen — Trax, the world leader in computer vision for retail, announced today a strategic partnership with Acosta, a leading sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. With Acosta’s large U.S. footprint and broad expertise in understanding in-store conditions across retailer stores and categories, this partnership will enhance Trax’s ability to digitize the shelf and offer unprecedented insights to Shelf Intelligence Suite customers.

Trax’s breakthrough computer vision and analytics platform turns photographs of a retail shelf into insights that can be used to improve in-store execution strategies, identify category opportunities and maximize a brand’s sales velocity.  

With the largest channel coverage in the U.S. — representing more than 90 percent of all CPG sales — Acosta’s field representatives will collect the shelf images, allowing brands to acquire visual proof of in-store shelving conditions and a more frequent and accurate measurement of how their products are represented in store. From there, combining collected and analyzed shelf data with Nielsen’s point of sales dataset brings brands actionable, granular insights on how shelf performance directly impacts product sales. “Acosta will be a critical component of Shelf Intelligence Suite. Its unparalleled data collection capabilities will enable clients to get a pulse of their shelf and store reality in the U.S.,” said Dror Feldheim, Trax Chief Commercial Officer. “Acosta is a well-recognized and trusted name in field marketing and we look forward to working with them to deliver insights that will drive smarter sales strategies for CPGs.” 

“Store and shelf-level insights are always valuable to Acosta and they are at the core of our company’s recommendations to customers, helping us to make informed strategic decisions based on what shoppers are buying,” said Steve Matthesen, President and CEO, at Acosta. “The ability to better understand what is happening at shelf is key to producing results and moving items into shoppers’ baskets. The capabilities of this dashboard and the alliance with Trax is a natural fit in terms of enhancing our in-store capabilities.”