• Providing Industry-Leading Data Through The Why? Behind The Dine Surveys 

    Acosta and Technomic, a leading food industry research and consulting firm, are committed to being at the forefront of understanding U.S. foodservice behaviors.  

    The Why? Behind The Dine survey captures the behavior and attitudes of foodservice consumers to better understand:

    • Impact of current economic situation
    • Current foodservice behaviors as well as expected future behaviors
    • Current and future spending behaviors
    • Demographic behavior differences
    • Foodservice behavior for key channels and outlets 

    To position our clients for optimum performance, The Why? Behind The Dine provides analytics and insights to help manufacturers and operators grow their share of the plate in a competitive marketplace. 

    Just Released: Third edition of "The Why? Behind the Dine"  - Experience is influential for U.S. diners 

    In the third edition The Why? Behind The Dine™, Acosta and Technomic explore the evolution of diners’ food consumption behaviors and preferences when faced with the emergence of new food and meal solutions. Additionally, the report looks at other significant trends in dining, including the increasing growth of foodservice versus retail share.

    View our videos to review some of our research findings: 

     WBTD conceptual videos F WBTD video shorts F

    Download this FREE The Why? Behind The Dinereport to learn more about:   

    • How experiential factors frequently drive dining decisions
    • Spending trends for Millennials and Gen-X diners for meals outside the home
    • Why more U.S. diners are choosing carryout, delivery and drive-thru meal options more frequently
    • How the digital world is serving as a catalyst for dining decisions

     Download the report.