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    Shopper behavior and grocery shopping trends are essential information in today's rapidly evolving retail landscape. Acosta translates industry-leading data and analytics into actionable insights to help manufacturers and retailers build business.

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    Acosta Research Explores the Future of Grocery Shopping

    Megatrends in Grocery

    In 1930 the first supermarket opened in the United States, revolutionizing how consumers bought food by focusing on value and convenience. Since then, grocery stores have stayed relatively the same, with only incremental changes. Today, megatrends in the industry are catapulting the supermarket as we know it into the future, as illuminated in  The Revolution of Grocery Shopping , the most recent Hot Topic Report published by Acosta, a leading full-service sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. 

    Acosta's The Revolution of Grocery Shopping report highlights five megatrends impacting grocery, including:

    Revolution of Grocery Shopping Infographic thumb

    1) Health and Wellness  

    2) Meal Solutions   

    3) Millennials   

    4) Digital Adoption   

    5) Perimeter Growth

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