• Acosta unveils cold hard facts about the future of the frozen section

     Acosta’s 2017 insights show 43 percent of Millennials are shopping frozen more frequently 

    The Future of Frozen report also provides insight into the following trends:

    Future of Frozen 

    The Battle of Fresh vs. Frozen

     Fresh foods continue to reign supreme in the grocery store, but attitudes toward frozen products might be thawing out as the category is starting to prove itself as stiff competition for the store perimeter.  

    •  Although most shoppers feel fresh food is healthier than frozen, each generational demographic has reported buying more frozen food than last year, including 43 percent of Millennials; 27 percent of GenXers; 19 percent of Baby Boomers; and 19 percent of Silents  
    •  For shoppers purchasing more frozen foods this year, the following factors are ranked as most important in making purchasing decisions: No antibiotics (76 percent); hormone free (76 percent); all natural (73 percent); sustainable (71 percent); and low sodium (69 percent) 
    •  Among respondents who anticipate buying more frozen foods in the coming year, 41 percent cite convenience as the reason why  
    •  Less waste is also top-of-mind, with 32 percent of shoppers expecting to purchase more in the frozen food aisle because they don’t spoil as quickly as fresh foods   

    Millennials Aren’t Giving the Frozen Aisles the Cold Shoulder  

    Millennials find a lot of value in frozen foods, which is great news for the category as this age demographic is entering its peak spending years.  

    •  For Millennials, frozen foods are valuable as: quick dinner solutions (89 percent); convenient lunches (72 percent); convenient breakfasts for kids (81 percent); and as side dishes (78 percent)  
    •  Fifty-four percent of Millennials will only buy specific frozen foods because they believe them to be healthier, while that amount is 48 percent for both GenXers and Boomers 
    •  Nearly one in three Millennials have purchased frozen foods online, and most of these orders arrive via a grocery delivery service (68 percent), or from a pure-play retailer (68 percent) 

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