• The Why? Behind The Buy Hispanic Edition

    2013 Hispanic Why Behind The BuyWith U.S. Hispanics currently accounting for nearly 17% of the total U.S. population, and growing faster than any other ethnic group, the U.S. Hispanic market presents a key growth opportunity for retailers and consumer packaged goods companies.

    This issue of The Why? Behind The Buy Hispanic Market 2013 report provides actionable insights into this valuable market.

    The Why? Behind The Buy Hispanic is an exclusive survey produced by AMG Strategic Advisors that provides valuable insights into U.S. Hispanic shopper behavior. This issue was fielded in April, 2013 with a sample of over 1,000 U.S. Hispanic
    shoppers and over 2,000 total U.S. shoppers via Acosta’s proprietary ShopperF1st online and faceto-face survey.

    Retailers and CPG companies face a major opportunity to engage and connect with the U.S. Hispanic market. Acosta’s AMG Strategic Advisors can help companies design an effective Hispanic market strategy and answer key questions, such as:

    • How much growth can we expect from the Hispanic shopper?
    • How should we think about segmenting the Hispanic shopper?
    • How should we position our brand to grow with Hispanic shoppers?
    • How do Hispanics perceive and define value?
    • What kind of innovation do we need to reach Hispanic shoppers?
    • How should we measure ROI on Hispanic marketing?
    • What types of shopper marketing is most effective?
    • How should we address Hispanic specialty retailers?

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