• Integrated Marketing Solutions

    While shoppers still make many decisions right at the shelf, they’re also doing more and more research before they ever walk through a store’s front door. That’s why it’s crucial to create engagement along the entire path to purchase.

    Acosta Mosaic Group (AMG) offers full-service, integrated marketing solutions designed to add value at every point on the path to purchase. When it comes to shopper marketing, we bring a unique perspective that approaches all activities with a deep understanding of brand, consumer, shopper, and retailer. With AMG, our one-stop shop brings everything together for your success.

    It all starts with unmatched insight into consumer-to-shopper conversion strategies, as well as relevant trends and issues. Our industry-leading data, analytics and insights inspire the design and development of high-impact creative solutions that engage the shopper at home, at the shelf and everywhere in between. And it all comes together when our associates activate these programs in the store. But we’re not content to leave it at that — AMG is dedicated to solid measurement that tracks the results of our programs and allows us to optimize future efforts.

    AMG’s integrated marketing solutions include:

  • AMG was ranked No. 3 among shopper marketing agencies in 2013 by The Hub magazine. This marks its third year in the Top 10. Click to read more.

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