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Dining Evolution: How Consumers are Impacting the Changing Food Landscape

The Why? Behind The Dine provides an update on the path to the plate
May 4, 2016 // Posted in 122

Since 1985, a lot has changed in the food industry, when about 60 percent of food sales took place in the grocery aisle, and only about 40 percent of...


Acosta to Acquire IGNITE Sales Management

April 6, 2016 // Posted in 122

Acosta today announced the acquisition of IGNITE Sales Management in Minnetrista, Minn.“IGNITE is an expert in helping manufacturers build and grow...


Acosta Research Reveals the State of Trade Promotion

March 30, 2016 // Posted in 122

As the U.S. economy continues to improve, consumer confidence has been on the rise, which would typically indicate growth for consumer packaged goods...


The Health of Health & Beauty Care in Grocery is on the Mend

New Research Reveals Reversing Trend in Behavior Among 'VIP' Shoppers
February 17, 2016 // Posted in 122

After years on the decline, the health of Health & Beauty Care (HBC) sales at grocery stores is showing signs of life, according to a new research st...