• Providing Industry-Leading Data Through The Why? Behind The Buy Surveys

    AMG Strategic Advisors has become a leader in analyzing shopper behavior and grocery shopping trends. This information is essential in today’s marketplace as industry-leading data, analytics and insights translate into high-impact creative solutions for our clients. 

    To position our clients for optimum performance under all market conditions, Acosta conducts The Why? Behind The Buy surveys two times per year to learn more about shopper habits and trends. The survey respondents are everyday shoppers, randomly selected across all generational, economic and ethnic groups across the country. Every six months, the survey results and conclusions are published in The Why? Behind The Buy.

    9th Edition:  “Grocerants” are on the Rise

    Recent research indicates the boundaries of eating in and eating out have blurred. Learn how the “grocerant” – grocery store as restaurant - provides new opportunities for CPG companies to provide innovative solutions.

    The Why? Behind The Buy™ was compiled by AMG Strategic Advisors, the growth strategy consulting unit of Acosta Sales & Marketing.  Acosta offers its clients a comprehensive range of services to move products off grocery store shelves and into shoppers’ baskets.

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    • Behavior and buying patterns of today’s shoppers
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    • How to adapt to the ever-evolving shopping landscape

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    View the latest The Why? Behind The Buy for insights into shopper behavior. 

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