• Space Management Solutions

    Acosta has invested heavily in space management, more than any other agency in North America. That’s why we created Space Management Solutions, designed to help optimize our clients’ shopper marketing strategies.

    It starts with strategic planogram development, which ensures that our clients' brands are positioned on the right shelf, adjacent to the right products, with sufficient space to prevent out-of-stocks in all stores. With so many retailers today moving to store-specific planograms, our access to planogram automation tools and vast resources enables us to handle any size project at a much lower cost.

    Our space management analytics team drives profitability by leveraging cutting-edge IT programs: Our custom-designed space management applications identify opportunities to maximize sales, our distribution analysis tool compares distribution and facing levels of items (including competitive items) across planograms, and our space analysis tool looks at our clients' brands' space-to-sales ratio within a category or subcategory. We can also implement aisle or department studies to analyze space and positioning of adjacent categories. Each of these studies typically includes analysis against all U.S. planograms for a category, aisle or department.

    We also offer superior space management training, with classes that have been attended by numerous manufacturers and retailers across North America via the web or in live settings. Finally, Acosta has more than 20 image technicians positioned inside key retailer offices with access to every product available in those retailers, including regional, local and private label brands. This enables more robust and realistic planograms capable of showing a store’s exact shelf layout and how your product is presented to the shopper.

    Acosta’s space management solutions include:

    • Planogram development
    • Space analytics
    • Training
    • Product imaging