• Where is Acosta located?

    Acosta is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and has offices in every major city in the United States and Canada. 


    How many employees does Acosta have?

    Acosta currently has more than 40,000+ associates working in 75 offices throughout the United States and Canada. 

    How long has Acosta been serving the U.S. and Canada?

    Acosta has been dedicated to conducting business with integrity, caring for our communities and respecting our environment for more than 85 years. For details on how we serve, EXPLORE HERE!


    What is Acosta's community involvement?

    At Acosta, we’re proud of the work we do — for our clients, our customers and our community. We’re privileged to serve three designated corporate charities: the Muscular Dystrophy Association, for which we’ve helped raise more than $81 million since 1985 via the Aisles of Smiles Program; the Shop to End Hunger program sponsored by Feeding America®, which has provided more than $4 million meals since 2006; and the Wounded Warrior® Project through the Believe in Heroes consumer promotion campaign, which has raised more than $16 million since its inception in 2010.  


    What can I expect after I apply to Acosta?

    After completing the online application through the specialized career site, you will receive a confirmation email stating your application has been received. There are dedicated recruiters working on staffing initiatives who will contact you over the next several weeks if you have been identified as a viable candidate for Acosta opportunities in your area.  


    How do I reset my username / password to the career site?

    Usernames and passwords can be reset by using the below reset link:

    Forgot your Login Name or Password? Retrieve It Now!

    I cannot find a vacancy of interest in my area. What do I do now?

    Thank you for your interest in joining our Company! As Acosta grows, positions are updated daily. Please visit our site and set a Job Alert to be notified when positions in your area are available.


    For instructions to set job alerts CLICK HERE!!

    Set your job alert by clicking this link, SET JOB ALERTS

    I'm not interested in applying yet. What are my options?

    Although we are sad you didn't find something of interest, you can always Connect with us! By connecting with us you could receive periodical emails about different opportunities of interest based on what you select. Connect Today!